Lecture Series - 15:00-16:00

August 21, 2019


Today's lecture will discuss Bronchiolitis. This lecture will  Identify the important treatable disorders with similar presentations to acute viral bronchiolitis, Describe the clinical indicators of severe and/or worsening pulmonary status in an infant with bronchiolitis, Describe the role of objective testing for children with suspected bronchiolitis, Outline evidence based management plan for an infant with viral bronchiolitis including criteria for discharge, Describe the mechanism of action of palivizumab, current guidelines for its use and the strength of evidence regarding its efficacy and Educate professionals on the seasonal flu vaccine, the indications, & contraindications 

September 18, 2019


 Today's lecture will discuss Preschool Asthma.  This lecture will  Review current guidelines on diagnosing asthma in preschoolers, Recognize “Red Flags” suggestive of other diagnoses, Discuss evidence-based management approaches.

October 23, 2019


 Today's lecture will discuss Febrile Infant 

This lecture will Provide background and epidemiology of fever, Evaluate the utility of newer lab tests for SBI, Review approach to management of fever in neonate, Develop an approach to management of (febrile) 29-90 day infant, Recognize and understand existing practice variation.

November 20, 2019


Today's lecture will discuss  Meningitis.

This lecture will Discuss history and physical examination in patient with suspected meningitis and need further evaluation and diagnostic testing (such as CT scan, lumbar puncture, etc.), Interpret CSF  findings typical of bacterial meningitis and recognize that atypical  results do not rule out the diagnosis, Initiate treatment in  cases of suspected bacterial meningitis BEFORE the definitive diagnosis is made, Target antibiotic therapy      to the most likely pathogens based on age and risk factors.

December 18, 2019


 Today's lecture will discuss  Upper airway obstruction.   

  Recognize the signs of impending upper airway loss, Review differential diagnosis and key distinctions between possible etiologies, Discuss key management principles, Discuss decision to proceed with advanced airway insertion,  Discuss best practices for advanced airway insertion 

January 22, 2020


Today's lecture will discuss  Status Epilepticus and Febrile Seizures. This lecture will Discuss possible causes of status epilepticus in the pediatric patient, Discuss appropriate laboratory and imaging studies in the acute care setting, Discuss the management of Status Epilepticus (algorithm), Choose appropriate anticonvulsant agents for a child in status epilepticus, Educate parents regarding the prognosis of a child with simple febrile seizures.

If you are interested in participating in the OTN Lecture Series please contact Vanessa Jones (vanessa.jones@lhsc.on.ca) for more information including the OTN ID. 

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